The Bible Course in The West Hereford Team

The Bible Course

From The Bible Society

at Holy Trinity Church in November and the New Year.

For those who have questions like: 

Can we believe the Bible?

Why are there so many translations?

Are the texts reliable?

How does it all fit together?

Who wrote the Bible?

.…For anyone who is interested!

The content of the course over eight sessions includes:

• Introducing the Bible

• Creation & Covenant

• Exodus & Promised Land

• Judges & Kings

• Exile & Prophets

• Jesus & the Gospels

• Acts & the Church

• Revelation & Review

We will cover the first 5 sessions in November and the final 3 in the New Year.

November 7th – December 5th 

following the 10.00am Communion service

(course starts with coffee at 10.30) 

AND at 7.30pm – 9.00pm