St. Michael’s, Breinton

Join us every Sunday at 9:30am for our Parish Communion service. A relaxed and friendly service where all are welcome.

We are a very friendly parish, full of life and energy with lots going on.

Sunday 18th August - Ninth Sunday after Trinity

St. Michael'sHoly TrinitySt. Nicholas'All Saints
8:00am No Service
9:30amNo ServiceNo Service
10:00am Team Eucharist
11:00amNo ServiceNo Service
6:30pmNo Service
Other services this week:
All Saints - Monday at 12:10 - Rosary | Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday at 12:10 - Low Mass.
Holy Trinity - Morning Prayer followed by Holy Communion each weekday at 8:15am | Holy Communion followed by Bible Study at 10:00am on Thursdays.

Where is St. Michael’s?