All Are Welcome In This Place

The Lent Course at Holy Trinity Church has often provided stimulating and thought provoking themes and discussions, and this year we hope it will be no different.


Do we really mean ‘All’ or are there limits to our welcome?

  • What does the bible say about….?
  • What does society say about…?
  • What do our churches say about…?
  • what do WE say about…?

26th February:          Sexuality                                           with The Reverend Richard Peers

5th March:                 Disability                                           with The Reverend Zoe Hemmings

12th March:               Poverty                                              with Bishop Richard Frith

19th March:               Mental Health                                  with The Reverend Janet Bellamy

All evenings will take place at Holy Trinity Church, Whitecross Road (parking is available).

7.00 pm:        refreshments
7.15 pm:        introductions and the speaker presents the theme for the evening
8.00 pm:        questions are taken from those present
8.30 pm:        closing prayer


Father Richard Peers is Director of Education in the Diocese of Liverpool where he has responsibility for 119 schools. He was Head of a secondary school in south-east London for 8 years and has taught all ages from 4 – 18 year olds. Ordained in 1993 he has served full time in parishes in Middlesbrough and Portsmouth and as assistant priest in parishes in London while teaching and leading schools. He is Superior of a community of Anglican priests committed to growing in holiness.

The Reverend Zoe Heming is Vicar of St Andrews Church Church in Aston, in Newport, Shropshire, in the Diocese of Litchfield, as well as the first Enabling Church Advisor appointed to support parishes in spotting and removing barriers which prevent them from welcoming people with impairments or disabilities (one in six people) into the life and ministry of local churches. Zoe, who often uses a wheelchair due to chronic pain, is a member of General Synod and has spoken and written extensively on how the Church urgently needs to notice who we exclude from church life and how this ‘disables’ our churches from being a healthy ‘Body of Christ’.

Bishop Richard Frith is the 105th Bishop of Hereford. From 1978 to 1983 he was a Team Vicar at Thamesmead and from 1983 to 1992 Team Rector at Keynsham, Bath and Wells diocese. From 1991 to 1998 he was Prebendary at Wells Cathedral, for 6 of those years being Archdeacon of Taunton.He is chair of the Rural Affairs Group of General Synod and Vice-Chair of the Liturgical Commission. Bishop Richard is married to Kay and he has four children and four stepchildren. His interests include the theatre and sport, with a particular passion for cricket.

The Reverend Janet Bellamy is a part-time SSM assistant minister in the Apedale Group, shortly due to receive PTO. She has experience of teaching in schools and university, of lay hospital chaplaincy, of counselling and supervision, and of the voluntary sector. Janet is married to Peter, an active retired priest and between them they have seven children and twelve grand-children. They moved to Hereford from Birmingham 12 years ago, and Janet describes herself as a people-person who enjoys walking alongside others in their journeys empowering them better to fulfil their God-given gifts.

For more information please phone the West Hereford Team Office on 01432 273086

Featured image taken by Nathan via Flickr